Advanced Health Education Picture Gallery

First Position: missionary

This position is used to get the most penetration and stimulate the female's clitoris the most.

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Second Position:

Doggy Style

this position is used to penetrate the female's anus or go deeper into her vagina.

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Third Position:

69 or sixty-niner

this position is used so that both partners can give each other oral pleasure.

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Forth Position:

Blow Job

which is used to give oral pleasure to your male partner.

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Fifth Postition:

Double Penetration

This is when a women has both her anus and vagina active in intercourse at the same time.

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All models in the photos are over the age of 18 and copyright infringement to these photos will be penalized by the separate party to whom these photos belong. Thank you to the owners of the photos displayed on this website. 


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